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WATCH: Dreaming Dog Wakes Up And Knows Everything's Right In The World

What do dogs dream about on a lazy afternoon?

We're not quite sure if Scout the dog was dreaming about running and playing, or whether the sounds she was making in her sleep suggested a more stressful dream. Either way, her wide smile upon waking up is a clear sign she knows that it was just a dream, and she's safe at home with her master's loving touch and Anthony Bourdain's soothing voice on TV.

Everything's OK, dog. You can go back to sleep now.

UPDATE: 10:05 A.M. -- Kristina Caudle, one of the dog’s owners and the girlfriend of the man whose arm is seen in the video, told The Huffington Post that Scout is actually a female. “We're glad the world recognizes her awesomeness,” she said. This post has been updated accordingly.