Dreaming Down Heaven: An Interview with Gini Gentry

Many times we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and forget who we are inside. We start to believe that we are limited beings, rather than infinite beings with unlimited potential.
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Many times we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and forget who we are inside. We start to believe that we are limited beings, rather than infinite beings with unlimited potential.

Recently I received the perfect reminder, sent to me in the form of a book by Gini Gentry, called Dreaming Down Heaven. This powerful book, a cross between Harry Potter and The Way of The Peaceful Warrior, reintroduces ageless wisdom as keystones on our personal journey from fear to love.

You are the playwright of your own life. The backdrop for life is like a Magical Theatre, and as the star of the production, we are each free to create our own roles, changing them at will but first we need to investigate the myth, truth, and magic of our lives and discover what is working or not.

Your perceptions create your reality. Everyone thinks they can personally identify objective standards of physical and emotional reality, when in fact everyone operates from a singularly unique point of view. We need to release the point of view that our subjective thoughts and emotions form the foundation of a fixed reality that can stand the test of time.

You are not the voices in your head. If we listen closely, we can identify fearful voices trying to direct the action of our life's script. To escape their influence we can turn to our own impartial observer, a compassionate and loving presence who is the eyes and ears of our heart and available to reliably make supportive decisions.

Self-love silences the critic. The dominant voice in any cast is the tyrannical critic --the inner judge who critically sizes up our every word, decision and action. This approach to self- improvement doesn't work. What does work is to employ the efforts of our impartial observer and interrupt the criticism with an antidote of self-love, paving the way for a more joyful and expansive life.

Free yourself from false beliefs. False beliefs perpetuate melodramas of unhappiness, keeping us entrenched in life-constricting myths and disabling us from playing a fabulous starring role in our own production. To gain freedom from insidious beliefs, we need to root them out and see that, although they've governed our reactions for a long time, they are lies. Beliefs born of fear cannot withstand the light of truth.

Sacrifice your mask to save your soul. Nearly everyone presents a false persona of self-righteousness for fear of being seen as wrong. Removing the mask allows the impartial observer within us to witness the situation without needing to change it. We must cultivate forgiveness for ourselves and others, releasing the need to be seen as right.

Be present in the heart of Now. The present moment happens to be the only point in time where new choices can be made. Only in the present moment can we can take responsibility for our emotional experience of life and dodge the dangers of denial and blame.

Patience is the fastest way to the authentic self. Self-awareness does not generally come in a flash of illumination; instead it requires patience, for what matters is not speed but the absorption of wisdom.

Use your voice to speak the truth. Honest communication originates in the heart, where the spark of divine wisdom resides. This authentic self-expression entails fearless articulation of the spirit of the divine at our core--and it all begins and ends with love.

Live from your heart to express your soul. The soul is our direct connection to the Divine, and it expresses through the heart. The soul is our abiding connection to the heart of the Divine Mystery.

Accept what is without need for improvement. Acceptance is the elixir at the core of awakening. Acceptance of ourselves, along with everyone and everything, is the key that unlocks our awareness.

All is perfection. Awakening from the illusion of fear offers the ultimate gift: we are a reflection of the divine spark, and are born whole and faultless. Acknowledging that we reflect the divine at work in the universe awakens within us the knowledge that love is our birthright, perfection our inheritance, and happiness our legacy.

The keystones shatter the belief in self-imposed, false limitations and provide a modern day relevant reminder of our own magnificence.

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