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Dreaming of My 2014 Travels: Germany

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In May I'll give myself a little vacation. This year, I'm booked on our Best of Europe in 21 Days Tour--the same route I drove in my minibus back in the 1970s and 1980s. It collects Europe's greatest hits into an amazing three-week route. We'll spend a total of three nights in Germany.

Of the hundred people who work here at Rick Steves' Europe, we have plenty of Francophiles and Italophiles. But around here Germany is not quite so sexy. Actually, I find Germany very sexy. (People even say the language isn't sexy. But--being a fan of the German band Nena of "99 Luftballons" fame--I strongly disagree.) I also find sausages, frothy lagers, Martin Luther, and ruined castles sexy. And I can't tell you what dirndls and lederhosen do for me. Check out this clip to better understand why Germany keeps popping up in the most inviting of my travel dreams.