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Dreaming of My 2014 Travels

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I've been giddier than usual this week as I'm finalizing my travel plans for 2014. I've got an amazing itinerary promising four months of fun and learning--and there'll be lots of great new information to share. I'm flying away in mid-April and finish my adventures in mid-August. Of course I'll be packing very light. But I've always got room for my Facebook friends to stow away. I'll be vigorously posting almost daily from the tiled delights of Portugal to the off-beat corners of Italy's Cinque Terre; from the fjords of Norway to the salt mines and jazz cellars of Poland. If you have any traveling friends who you think might enjoy coming along for the ride, please let them know so they can "like" this Facebook page.

For the next week or so until I fly away, we're running video clips to get us all in the mood. To kick it off, here's one of my favorite short videos. It reminds me that travel is not a check list of blockbuster sights--it's the magical serendipitous moments.