Manifesting the Moon

Later I woke in the night saying aloud, "a beautiful aspect of nonduality is the rebirth of duality."
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Deep into a journey on the evening of the last full moon, between theta and delta, I heard, "melt into eternal uni-verse," and then, "deus factus sum." Later I woke in the night saying aloud, "a beautiful aspect of nonduality is the rebirth of duality." What occurs in the nonlinear dream state, or in a deep meditative state, can be marvelously indescribable, and the actuality of the divine, inexpressible anyhow. But the point, prehension and then all that is experiential, brings growth, pain and so MUCH BEAUTY. So when I awoke, there was the moon, reflecting the unseen sun so brightly, showing the rabbit and the man, and so clearly that eternal self beyond myself that's throughout all Self.

The perception of time is a functioning product, an evolutionarily emergent, an aspect of the linear organizing format of the mind -- for survival purposes in THIS relative life. So then, the human death is not as tragic as not being reborn. And there I am, there you are, there it is -- the glorious rebirth of it all, right there in the light of the moon; death and rebirth on a moment-to-moment basis. Like that part in Magnificent about following the light of the star -- it's the organ to help you get lost, just lost enough to be re-found ... it's that phone call from God.

An ironic aspect of the cognitive mind lies in wanting to "grasp" something that is beyond the mind's capacity to completely "grasp." It's like an awesome machine, so powerful yet limited in expanse -- a map revealing portals, requiring off-road after entry. Touch all existence by letting yourself fill it, but since you're an aspect of it, that's not possible. So it fills you -- and then it's one and the same.

Consciousness precedes reality. The material world is manifest out of singular consciousness, nondual suchness, it evolves ... and then transcends again. The physicality of existence is only one aspect of manifestation -- and there it is hinting at what's beyond and throughout, right there in the deep purple of a petal, the dark blue of the vast ocean, the electrical connection in an open smiling eye -- right there in the moonlight. Even the representational symbols of physics can carry the mind way beyond the perceivable world, but conveying the celestial, majestic and eternal vastness that is altogether ineffable -- that's the undertaking of the transrational artist and versifier; transmitting via poetic expression, filmmaking, painting ... or just being one's ridiculous self.

I sleep from about 12 to 5, but I woke in the middle of the night, seeing myself writing, and here I am ... in the moonlight.

"A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world." ~Oscar Wilde


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