The Worst Dress Code Violations You've Ever Seen In The Office

These Dress Code Violations Will Shock You

Workplace decorum can be tough to navigate -- especially when it comes to dress code. There is no universal set of rules for "business casual" or even "casual," which makes getting dressed every day a slightly more difficult task.

However, there are some employees who simply don't understand the term "work appropriate" and are clearly in major violation of the dress code. We asked our Facebook community for the worst cases they've seen, and some may require pictures to believe.


"Someone actually wore a Victoria's Secret-branded pink velour yoga outfit to the office. That was too small. I can never [unsee] that." -- Facebook user Melissa Williams Chamberlain

"Wearing leggings as pants and skirts that are too short." -- Facebook user Terri Lamping Harper

"Crocs with socks and cargo shorts. He was the manager..." -- Facebook user Melissa Atchison

"Playboy Bunny gold and rhinestone belt buckle that said 'SEXY.'" -- Facebook user Erin Colby

"Someone wore those sneakers with the toes in the office. Really unprofessional." -- Facebook user Susan Duong


"My pet peeve -- people shuffling around the office in bedroom slippers." -- Facebook user Jaime Ong-Yeoh

"I worked with a guy in the corporate offices of a major financial services firm who came in one dress-down Friday wearing basketball shorts -- commando!!!" -- Facebook user Lynn Colyer

"Flip flops... just because they are beaded doesn't mean they are shoes." -- Facebook user Colleen Drysdale Baccam

"One of my employees wore a tight cardigan and the buttons kept coming undone and drastically showing her bra. I had to tell her twice and finally sent her home." -- Facebook user Lisa Baginski

"Woman wearing a see-through white top and no bra." -- Facebook user Amy Kantoff


"Leggings!!! Just because you wear them with heels doesn't make them office appropriate." -- Facebook user Kesha Houser

"Do NOT wear mandals with ANY office attire. Ladies: Gnarly feet exposed in any way is not only disgusting, but unprofessional. And can I declare 'hygiene' as part of the dress code? Leaving the house without deodorant should be thought of as leaving the house without clothes. One would think 'office dress code' would be kind of a common sense thing... but I worked in enough offices to know: 'Tis NOT. Which is why I work for myself now." -- Facebook user Susan Hoagland

"A woman would wear low-cut jeans and [a] short T-shirt that showed her belly button and thong in back." -- Facebook user Kriss Erickson

"Went to the doctor one day and the nurse practitioner came in yoga/workout pants, a T-shirt, flip flops and her hair was just thrown up in a messy ponytail. Completely unprofessional, especially for a medical setting." -- Facebook user Hannah Hodge

"I worked at a preschool where we were encouraged to dress down so we wouldn't feel inhibited [by] getting on the floor or using paints, etc. The amount of pajama pants that came through that place was astounding. And no one said a word." -- Facebook user Stephanie De Bear


"A gal working in front of a courtroom in five-inch heels and a skin-tight, short black dress with meshy see-through cutouts." -- Facebook user Amie Eleanor

"Black thong worn with thin white fabric (like beach cover-up type) skirt... because she was going to meet her [boyfriend] at a bar after work." -- Facebook user Mary Blanchard

"A sequined party dress was worn and it was floor length." -- Facebook user Veronica Washington

"Dirty sweatshirt and pants with holes in them. I thought a homeless person wandered in but found out he was a programmer." -- Facebook user Dana Newby Wright

"Culottes in knit fabric (old and faded like you'd wear to garden) with nylon stockings and Birkenstock sandals." -- Facebook user Sonja Ingram Hanneman


"This girl showed up to work in a crop-top with her stomach completely exposed." -- Facebook user Danielle Elisabeth Deshaies

"Jeans with holes in them ... the kind you buy that way." -- Facebook user Nickie Allen Vongratsamy

"Flip-flops. Grooooooooooooossssssssssssssssss." -- Facebook user Jutta Beinker

"My thing has always been things that don't fit well ... like muffin tops, buttons that are pushed to the limit, almost anything that is too tight and a few things that are too loose; add to it dirty, smelly or lewd and my list is done." -- Facebook user Bobbie Ann Ford McKinney

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