Fashion And Wanderlust Collide In These Truly Breathtaking Photos

BRB, buying a dress and booking a flight.

There’s style envy, there’s wanderlust, and then there’s this.

Moscow-based photographer Kristina Makeeva combines fashion and travel in a truly breathtaking way, photographing women in elaborate dresses in front of various mind-blowingly beautiful backdrops around the world.

Makeeva shares her work with over 300,000 Instagram followers, and wrote on Bored Panda that it’s the juxtaposition of fashion and nature that draws her to this kind of work.

“For me, there is nothing more beautiful than the tangled fabric of the dress from the wind created by the running girl,” she said. “This is magic.”

Magic is an understatement. From the windblown gowns to the vibrant colors to matching the decor, Makeeva captures street style on a whole different level. She explained to HuffPost why she chose dresses for this particular series.

“A project with dresses is a way to show how a person and his creations can organically fit into the beauty of this world,” she said.

We’re just wondering how she gets some of these dresses in her carry-on.

“We sometimes just see the landscape that fits the outfit,” she said. “And sometimes we prepare dresses in advance.”

Check out her work below.

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