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Dress Sizes 'Outliers'

Survey Practice reports on the higher costs of cell phone interviewing.

Michael Kazin wonders if independents are a clueless horde, John Sides objects, Jon Chait says Sides misses the point, Sides and Jon Bernstein respond, Chait returns for Round Three.

Phil Trounstine considers the value of opinions based on little knowledge.

Sean Trende assesses Obama's 2012 chances.

Joshua Green explains why Donald Trump may be hurting his TV ratings.

Tom Jensen finds Trump unpopular in swing states.

Mark Mellman discusses how appointees to the Senate have fared in their next election.

ResearchRants has fun with crosstabs using PPP's Mississippi poll on interracial marriage.

Ben Smith shares an Andre Pineda memo critiquing the use of surname samples of Latino voters, Matt Barreto and Gary Segura respond, Pineda counters, Carlos Odio continues the dialogue.

Phil from Andrew Gelman's blog nominates the worst statistical graphic of the year, Kaiser Fung has more.

Robert Groves discusses transparency and the credibility of government statistics.

D'Vera Cohn assesses the 2010 Census count.

Carl Bialik finds no support for a widely cited stat on women as controllers of household spending.

Stephanie Clifford explains why women need to spend so much time trying on clothing.