How To Dress Up For The Holidays With Stuff You Already Own


'Tis the season for office holiday parties, Christmas get togethers and Hanukkah celebrations. And if you read basically any article on the Internet right now, it's going to tell you that you should be investing in velvet and sparkles for all your fancy occasions. But let's be real for a second. Who wants to spend money on an outfit they can only wear once a year? Not us.

Chances are, you already own everything you need to look great at any holiday gathering. A little black dress will go a long way, as will some red lipstick and a pair of great heels.

To give you a little inspiration, we've rounded up eight girls on Instagram who are doing holiday dressing right. So this year, instead of investing in a metallic sweater, spend your hard-earned cash on those Christmas gifts you still need to buy.

Miniskirt + Tights + Oversized sweater

A photo posted by Rima Vaidila (@rima_rama) on

Patterned dress + Statement shoes

Monochromatic outfit + Fuzzy accessory

Black dress + Turtleneck + Booties

A photo posted by Claire Liu (@vonvogueblog) on

Leather pants + Faux fur

A photo posted by mxagnes (@mxagnes) on

Black flares + Metallic shoes

A photo posted by Sara Che (@sara_che_) on

Belted dress + Statement earrings

Jumpsuit + Choker

My hair line @curlsistas has a fresh new look☺️ Check it out at @curlsistas @curlsistas

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