Dress Up Your Floors with Carpet Tiles

Dress Up Your Floors with Carpet Tiles
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Wondering how you could possibly decide on a new rug with all of the choices out there? Learn how how to use carpet tiles instead for a creative, customized area rug that is not only easy to lay yourself, it's so versatile, you could change the pattern every day!

With tons of designs available, including stripes, florals, geometric shapes and even shag, this video will get your creative juices flowing by showing you just a few of the possibilities.

You'll see that you can make a big difference in your living room, family room, bedroom or office with carpet tiles. They're more affordable than wall-to-wall carpeting, plus, if you ever move, you can take them with you. And because they're soft and backed with a rubber pad, not only will your eyes thank you -- your feet will too!

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