Drew Barrymore Won't Try Heroin Or Plastic Surgery Because She'd 'Be Dead Really Soon'

The actress gets real about her "addictive personality" in the new issue of Glamour UK.

Drew Barrymore spoke about her “extremely addictive personality” ― and why it makes her avoid two things in particular ― in a new interview for the cover of Glamour U.K.’s January issue.

“I’ve never done heroin,” she said. “And I don’t want to get plastic surgery because I feel like they’re both very slippery slopes. I feel if I try either, I’m going to be dead really soon.”

A dermatologist recently recommended Barrymore try something for her face, but the actress said she refused.

“Not messing with my face or chasing some unnatural beauty is a standard I live by,” Barrymore said, acknowledging that she has dark circles under her eyes.

“I was at my dermatologist’s recently who said to me, ‘Can I shoot some Juvederm up there? It will raise the skin and it won’t be so sunken, which is causing the darkness to look worse, because it’s lower than the natural light that is hitting it,’” Barrymore recalled.

“And I went: ’No, but I’m gonna go home and start highlighting under my eyes, so thank you for the tip!”

Barrymore has been candid in the past about her struggles with substance abuse and her avoidance of plastic surgery.

“For myself, personally, I don’t want to go there,” the actress told Yahoo in 2017.

“I don’t know who I will be in 20 years. I will say for the near and far future, I am not going to go there. I want to see what happens naturally. I don’t want to get stuck in a spiral of trying to fix it.”

But that doesn’t mean Barrymore isn’t a sucker for beauty products, like most people.

“I don’t drive fancy cars or wear designer labels, but I will throw down for a face cream,” Barrymore said then.

Head to Glamour UK to read more of Barrymore’s interview.

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