Drew Barrymore And Chelsea Handler Get Blunt About Men's Bad Dating Profiles

Let’s just say the single actors are not swiping right on photos of men holding fish or those who claim they’re “entrepreneurs.”
Chelsea Handler and Drew Barrymore, pictured in 2018, talked about red flags in dating.
Chelsea Handler and Drew Barrymore, pictured in 2018, talked about red flags in dating.
Dimitrios Kambouris via Getty Images

But what about blank bios, thirsty topless selfies or the dreaded “Hey” DM?

Drew Barrymore and Chelsea Handler got real about some of their dating red flags during a game on Barrymore’s talk show Wednesday.

In the game, the two single women used literal green, yellow and red flags to indicate some modern dating scenarios they’d be into, OK with or not tolerate whatsoever. Eventually, the game touched on some common missteps men make in their online dating profiles, and Barrymore and Handler did not hold back on their grievances.

Handler admitted she was on an “app that’s harder to get on” (possibly the private service Raya) but said when she looks at her sister’s romantic options on popular apps like Bumble, “every man is holding a fish.”

“I don’t understand what the allure is,” Handler said. “Like, they’re roping us in with sea bass?”

The women also did not like it when men list their occupation as “entrepreneur.”

“It’s so irritatingly vague,” Barrymore said. “I won’t play. Just please be upfront about who you are.”

Barrymore also said that wealth and power really aren’t her “thing.”

“I’m not judging you for your job,” she added. Handler agreed and called this particular job title “stupid.”

“It just sounds like such a crock. What are you talking about? Get specific. What kind of business are you in if you’re an entrepreneur?” Handler said. “That seems like a word that you use when you don’t have a job,” she added.

Many women — famous or not — have been open about things they’re sick of seeing in men’s dating profiles. There are endless Reddit threads and articles about the topic, but women’s complaints don’t seem to deter men from creating these kinds of profiles.

So much so that Eddie Hernandez, a San Francisco-based photographer, even created a popular “Cliche Men’s Dating Bingo Card” that features “fish photo” and “entrepreneur,” but also “photo next to car” or “gym, bathroom or bad selfies.” The bingo card also includes overused phrases like a desire for “witty banter” or a “partner in crime.”

To keep it fair, Hernandez also created a “Cliche Women’s Dating Bingo Card,” which includes “Yoga pose” photos, using phrases like “fluent in sarcasm,” and saying any prospective suitor “must be over 6ft tall.”

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