Drew Barrymore's Salon Selfie Is Parenting At Its Cutest

This is not your average mommy-and-me moment.

We’ve never seen a pre-taping prep session that’s quite this adorable.

Drew Barrymore is getting ready to shoot season two of her show “Santa Clarita Diet,” in part by having her hair done by celebrity hairstylist Tracy Cunningham.

But she’s not the only one getting the celebrity treatment.

Barrymore posted a photo Tuesday of herself and her four-year-old daughter Olive, both with foils in their hair.

Before you balk at the sight of a four-year old in foils, consider Barrymore’s caption. She says Olive’s foils contain only conditioner, and Olive wears them “for solidarity” with her mom.


While many kids simply want be like their moms, it’s possible Olive also wants to look her best to keep carrying out the resistance. Solidarity, Olive!