The Brilliant Home Hack Drew Barrymore Uses To Hide Her Bedroom TV

Here's how to replicate her clever solution -- on a budget.

If you hate the look of a TV in your bedroom, you’re not alone. Roughly 64% of households have TVs in the master bedroom, but many people are obsessed with figuring out how to hide them. Even Drew Barrymore.

The Flower Home creator uploaded a Pinterest-worthy home hack to her Instagram over the weekend and detailed how annoying it is to have to hide a TV in a well-designed bedroom.

“I absolutely love watching TV in the bedroom, however I don’t love the look of a plasma screen on the wall,” she wrote in a post Saturday morning post. “It takes away from the femininity of the room.”

Her solution? Use an oversized macrame hanging ― Barrymore said she found a fabric wall hanging on Etsy ― to hide the screen when it’s not in use.

Brilliant, right? It’s a solution worthy of Chip and Joanna Gaines, Barrymore’s apparent TV inspo. Plus, unlike other hacks for hiding bedroom TVs, this one doesn’t involve much assembly or any extra furniture pieces, like TV cabinets or sliding wall art.

Drew Barrymore / Instagram

It appears that the exact macrame hanging Barrymore uses is from an Etsy shop called Up The Wallflower, where it retails for about $319. If you’re looking to replicate Barrymore’s bedroom solution on a budget, we’ve rounded up some oversized macrame wall hangings that are perfect sized for hiding a bedroom TV. Just be sure you’ve got secure wall anchors for the hanging since you’ll be touching it frequently.

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