Drew Barrymore Photoshop Mess On February 2012 InStyle Cover (PHOTO)

PHOTO: Drew Barrymore Photoshop Mess

We're huge fans of Drew Barrymore -- to the (obsessive?) point that we planned out what she might wear to say "I do" at her upcoming wedding.

So we were also stoked to see Drew on the cover of February's InStyle... but while the actress looks gorgeous with her white dress and ombre hair, we have some questions about the Photoshop job.

Specifically: what happened to her hips? (Especially on the left side.) Her right boob also seems to have vanished, or at the very least, it's getting squished in that dress.

And we love Drew's smile, but her right lip appears to have been manipulated so much that she ends up with a "The Joker"-type grin. Eek!

Take a look at the cover below and tell us if you think Drew's been retouched a tad too generously, and also check out our gallery of some of the more egregious Photoshop fails in recent memory.

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