Drew Barrymore Interview: Actress Calls Women 'Moody'

Say What? Drew Barrymore's Seriously Uncool Quote About Women

We're generally pretty big Drew Barrymore fans. This is a woman who has copped to growing facial hair while pregnant, admitted that she doesn't think women can have it all and starred in what is perhaps the best movie of all time, Never Been Kissed.

That is why we were particularly distressed to learn that, during an interview with On The Table, Barrymore reinforced a very tired stereotype:

“I think I’m moody because I’m a woman. I can ask any man in this room, like women are just inherently like, moody or hormonal people. I don’t know how men deal with it. I praise them.”

Really, Drew?

WATCH: Drew Barrymore Talks To On The Table

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