Drew Barrymore Celebrates Her 40th Birthday Makeup-Free

Drew Barrymore said hello to 40 with a fresh-faced Instagram photo.

Barrymore, who celebrated her birthday on Sunday, marked the special occasion with a serene beach photo posted to her Instagram account. The actress was all smiles as she appeared makeup-free in a black swimsuit, soaking up the sun:

The mother of two told Savannah Guthrie of the "Today Show" in November that she's been eager to reach the milestone:

"I'm so relieved to be 40. I've already started saying I'm 40 and my husband's like, 'Honey, you're still 39. Why are you saying you're 40?' I'm just so excited, I really am. It feels good. It feels right."

When Guthrie asked Barrymore what she would tell her 20-year-old self if she could, the actress quipped, "I don't think she would have listened. I know that I would be wasting my breath."

Happy belated, Drew!



No Makeup, No Problem!