Drew Brees On NFL Owners: 'No Real Intent To Get A Deal Done'

Drew Brees Rips Owners

After the NFL labor talks broke down on Friday, the league released the proposal that the players refused to accept. But on Monday, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees called claimed that the proposal was "all a front."

According to ESPN.com, Brees said that the owners' proposal was "all a show" and that they had "no real intent to get a deal done" because their offer was the same as it has been over the last few years.

Indianapolis Colts center Jeff Saturday also ripped the owners, saying that "it just seems odd you would wait until Friday to put out a 20-point proposal, when each point has a number of different details in it."

Jeff Pash, the league's lead negotiator, responded and said another extension to the collective bargaining agreement could have been reached, but the players were not interested.

10 players, including Brees, filed an antitrust suit against the owners. The hearing is set for April 6.

You can read the owners' most recent proposal here.

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