Drew Brees Speech: Saints QB Addresses Team After Breaking Record (VIDEO)

Not only did Drew Brees break Dan Marino's longstanding record for most passing yards in a single NFL season, but he set the new record on a touchdown pass in a victory that earned his team a division title. Not a bad night's work.

To top it all off, Brees earned a big laugh from his teammates during a postgame speech.

After the Saints had closed out their 45-16 win over the visiting Atlanta Falcons, Brees addressed his teammates in the locker room. He spoke with the poise and charisma that one would expect from an NFL quarterback, but he also earned a laugh from his teammates with a -- seemingly unintentional -- double entendre. All joking aside, Brees did his best to portray his achievement as something that his teammates should also feel responsible for. He also attempted to put it in perspective of the team's ultimate goal -- the Super Bowl.