Drew Carey Ups Twitter Bid To $1 Million

Drew Carey Ups Twitter Bid To $1 Million

Comedian and game show host Drew Carey wants to be just plain old Drew -- @Drew, that is.

Carey, who currently Tweets from the cumbersome "DrewFromTV," originally offered $100,000 for the Twitter name "@drew," which is being sold by Drew Olanoff, an early Twitter adopter, as part of an online auction to raise money for cancer research.


In an interview with CBS, Drew Carey upped his bid for the Twitter name @drew to $1 million, announcing that he would pay $1 million for the account if he could get a million Twitter followers by 2010. See the interview below. He told CBS:

If I get a million by the end of the year, by January 1st, I'll give a million dollars to LiveStrong...And if I don't get a million followers, I'll pro-rate it.

His followers have already increased rapidly since he made his announcement.

Carey had 33,340 followers on Twitter as of October 6, 2009, already up considerably from the 13,000 he had on October 3, 2009. (@drew, by comparison, has only 8,100). As of October 7, 2009, Carey had just over 50,000.

"I'm so happy with my 12,000 [followers]," he said in the CBS interview.

The Telegraph reports:

On Friday he [Olanoff] announced that he was inviting bids of more than $10,000 for his @drew account - a prime piece of Twitter real estate which he claimed as one of the micro-blogging site's early adopters.

Yesterday Carey, who is also well known as the host of the US version of the improv comedy show Whose Line Is It Anyway?, posted an update from his DrewFromTV account saying that he was willing to stump up $25,000.

Carey later upped his offer, saying he would increase his bid to $100,000 if he could snag 100,000 followers by November 9, 2009. And, as reported above, he's upped it a second time.

Will Drew Barrymore get in on the bidding?


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