Drew Droege As Chloë Sevigny Is Everything We Need In 2017

She's here to educate about grandparents -- or is it gráunperaunce?

We have a feeling we’re going to need to laugh a lot to get through 2017. Luckily we have comedians like Drew Droege who help make each day worth getting out of bed.

For years Droege has gifted the world videos in which he impersonates actress Chloë Sevigny and uses her persona to hilariously explain different holidays and human experiences.

For his first clip of 2017, Droege’s Sevigny explains grandparents ― or as she would say, gráunperaunce ― and it’s already one of our favorites.

In the past, the gay comedian has used the Chloë character to teach us about Easter, Halloween and even how to model.

Droege is also the comedic genius behind “Not Looking,” a spoof of the short-lived, HBO drama “Looking,” and most recently starred in the one-man show “Bright Colors and Bold Patterns,” directed by long-time friend Michael Urie.

Head here to see more from Droege ― and a big THANK YOU to him for keeping the Chloë character alive!

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