Drew Manning, Fitness Trainer, Gains 70 Pounds To Empathize With Overweight Clients

One Utah trainer is on a mission to get more personal with his clients.

His method? Gain 70 pounds through an unhealthy diet and no exercise -- and then get back into shape.

Drew Manning packed on the pounds in an effort to go through what his clients experience during training sessions with the fitness instructor.

His mission, "Fit2Fat2Fit," began just this past May with a steady diet of fast food, soda, high-sugar cereal and more. And at the beginning of November, Manning will embark on the journey to lose the extra weight and whip himself back into shape.

Manning's wife, Lynn, told ABC News that clients have always told him the same things: "'You don't understand what it's like. You've never been overweight. You've never had these addictions,' and to be honest, he didn't."

"I've never had to struggle with being in shape, I've never had to struggle with being overweight, so, for the first time in my life, I figured why not better understand what some of my clients go through," Manning told the Deseret News.

The 30-year-old trainer has been chronicling his first leg of Fit2Fat2Fit on his Twitter account and personal website. His updates include snippets about his body image, laziness scale or his diet.

According to his Tweets, Manning has developed quite an addiction for soda, particularly Mountain Dew.

Manning's starting weight was 193 pounds, and with a little less than two weeks before his reverse transformation begins, he now tips the scales at 264 pounds.

Lynn says the weight has affected more than just his physical appearance.

"His self confidence completely went away and depleted," she told ABC News.

For more on Manning's journey, visit his website at www.fit2fat2fit.com, or watch the video above.