'Drew Peterson: Untouchable': 'I'm Untouchable, Bitch' And More TV Bitch Catchphrases (VIDEO)

While we don't necessarily condone expletives, there's one five-letter word that TV characters use to make a point.

Adding "bitch" to the end of a quote can punctuate a comment in a way an exclamation point simply cannot. It can instill fear and, in other cases, it can lead to laughter.

In Lifetime's latest TV movie, "Drew Peterson: Untouchable," Rob Lowe donned a bushy mustache, silver pompadour and uneasy grin to play the title role of the police-sergeant-turned-accused-murderer. And when the trailer hit the web at the end of 2010, his "I'm untouchable, bitch" quote had many cracking up ... and not like he does on "Parks and Recreation."

Audiences will finally get to see Lowe as the mustachioed Peterson this weekend when the full-length feature airs on Sat., Jan. 21. In its honor, we thought it was time to look back on the small screen "bitch"-fest phrases we've loved hearing.

From Bunk on "The Wire" to Luke on "The O.C." (of course), click through the slideshow below to relive them, bitch.


"Drew Peterson: Untouchable" premieres Sat., Jan. 21 at 8 p.m. EST on Lifetime.