#DrHobbyLobby Is The Funniest Twitter Response To The SCOTUS Ruling

The Supreme Court ruled Monday that closely-held corporations cannot be required to cover contraception for their employees if it conflicts with their religious beliefs -- and many people on Twitter aren't having it.

Because how absurd is it to defer to your employer for matters of reproductive health? Specifically, why should the owners of an arts and crafts store (see: Hobby Lobby) decide what goes on in your uterus?

Game developer Charlotte Trible started #DrHobbyLobby on Jun. 30, tweeting:

The hashtag took off after writer and producer Nina Bargiel asked other people on Twitter to join in, showing just how ridiculous it is to allow corporations to essentially make medical decisions on behalf of their employees by denying them coverage.

"There are some people who don't agree [with my stance], and that is fine and cool and the brilliance of the country that we live in," Bargiel told The Huffington Post in an email. "But a woman's access to medical care should be based in science and decided upon between her and her doctor, not her and her boss."

It seems that the folks at Hobby Lobby consider themselves medical professionals, and qualified to tell women what's best for them. Here are some of the best Tweets from people seeking medical advice from #DrHobbyLobby:

@HobbyLobbyStore What do you recommend for a DIY chastity belt? #drhobbylobby

— Rebecca Vipond Brink (@RebeccaVBrink) July 1, 2014

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article claimed that Nina Bargiel started the #DrHobbyLobby hashtag. It was in fact started by Charlotte Trible.

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