'Drift', Short Film Shot From An Airplane Window, Gives Breathtaking Views Of The World Below (VIDEO)

Have you ever tried to snap a picture from the window of an airplane thousands of feet above the Earth? We bet you weren't as successful as Tim Sessler, the filmmaker behind the gorgeous short film, "Drift."

Shot entirely from the porthole of a moving aircraft, the video captures breathtaking views of the world from San Francisco to Salt Lake City to Philadelphia. Sessler used a 5D Mark III to create his black and white masterpiece, editing the surreal footage to produce a visually stunning work that clocks in at just over three minutes long.

For more artworks inspired by travel, check out John Schabel's "Passengers" project in the slideshow below.

John Schabel's Passengers

Correction: In an earlier, pre-coffee version of this article, we mistakenly listed an airplane being thousands of miles -- not feet -- above the Earth. We apologize for the error.