Drilling Tip Repurposes A Paper Coffee Cup To Catch The Mess

We've been pretty obsessed with lighting ideas lately. And you know that installing a new fixture may include cutting into the ceiling, which could mean a big old mess from debris. But luckily, we came across a great drilling tip from Instructables, that will make sure you can get the job done without too much of a clean up afterwards.

First, punch a hole into the bottom of a paper cup (the user suggests the kind made for coffee). Then, simply slip it onto the bit of your electric tool and get to work. You can cut the cup down to the necessary size if you need to drill a deep hole. The plaster and grit will collect in the container instead of falling to the floor (or in your eyes!).

We think this trick is pretty genius because it's such a simple solution to a common DIY problem. Just be sure to remember that with every lifehack, results and experiences may vary.

Click through out slideshow to see more tricks, and be sure to head over to Instructables for more information and answers to common questions about this tip.

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