Drink Yourself High With A Cannabis Smoothie (VIDEO)

If you think Jamba Juice gets you high, just wait until you try this.

"Bhang lassi"  is a popular smoothie-like cannabis beverage in northern India, especially during festivals honoring the Hindu god Shiva. Juliana Carella, who runs the Oakland-based weed edibles company Auntie Dolores, has brought her own spin on the budding drink back to the states.

Carella's cannabis concoction relies on a coconut milk infusion mixed with two ounces of bud and filtered water.

After it's made, she mixes the weed-enhanced milk with walnut butter, honey, cinnamon, cacao powder and a half-cup of medicated glazed pecans, which she makes herself.

Carella shows how to make the sensimilla smoothies in the video above, but be careful: Each pot-enhanced smoothie has a kick, and only requires a gram of the cannabis coconut milk (and let's keep it legal, folks!).

The complete recipe can be seen at


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