5 Reasons Every Adult Needs To Be Drinking More Chocolate Milk

5 Legitimate Reasons You Need More Chocolate Milk In Your Life

Chocolate milk tastes like childhood. Whether you preferred Hershey's syrup or you were a Nesquik kid, it wasn't just a drink, it was a way of life. But somewhere along the way, adults stopped drinking chocolate milk, and it remains a distant, delicious memory.


Fortunately for all you adults, we've got five reasons to stir up some chocolatey goodness again -- using low-fat milk, of course!

1. Chocolate milk is the ideal combination of protein and carbohydrates to help you recover after a workout.


When you've finished a tough workout, you're dehydrated, your muscles are fatigued and your energy is low. Chocolate milk made with low-fat dairy provides a ratio of four grams of carbohydrates to one gram of protein, which is an effective combination for helping muscles repair and replenish energy. That ratio isn't found in regular milk. Studies have shown that those who work out and drink chocolate milk recover better, gain more muscle, and lose more fat than those who opted for a sports drink, as long as their vigorous workout was at least 45 minutes long. If you're worried about the amount of sugar (only half of which is added) , have no fear: the ideal time to consume sugar combined with protein is after a workout, since the sugar contributes to the carb-to-protein ratio.

2. It replenishes the vitamins your body needs on a daily basis.


You can feel even better after your first gulp since chocolate milk is filled with bone-building calcium and vitamin D -- along with 14 other nutrients.

3. It's a bargain.


Most of us have milk sitting in our fridge at home anyway, and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average price for a gallon of milk is now $3.82. That means each 8 oz. glass of milk will cost you around 23 cents -- with an added 13 cents if you add two tablespoons of Hershey's syrup to the glass. So that glass of goodness is likely only costing you 36 cents.

4. Every variation tastes delicious.


For those who are lactose intolerant or simply prefer the taste of alternative milk, there are variations galore. Like almond milk, or soy! They're abundantly available in grocery stores or can be made at home if you have a little extra time.

5. It's essentially liquid dessert.


Chocolate milk feels indulgent, yet making it with low-fat dairy won't ruin your waistline. It's an ideal way to satisfy your sweet tooth without feeling too full. It can also help fight off the urge to binge when consumed after a workout.

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