New Study Points To Possible Benefit Of Drinking (A Little) Wine While Pregnant (VIDEO)


The debate over whether expectant mothers should drink alcohol during pregnancy has been a long one with inconclusive results, but the latest data shows that women who do have a sip here and there end up with better behaved kids.

A new Danish study found that pregnant women who drink one glass of wine per week had children with greater emotional and behavioral wellbeing. The researchers say their study is not meant to encourage pregnant women to drink, and the results primarily show that women who do enjoy a small quantity of wine while they're expecting typically have an education and lifestyle that allows for better child care.

Though conflicting research on the topic continues to emerge, the CDC still recommends that pregnant women abstain from alcohol completely.

HuffPost Live's Nancy Redd joined a panel of moms and parenting experts for a lively discussion on the contentious issue. Check out the full conversation at HuffPost Live below.

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