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Driver Hits Fawn, Then Fawn's Mother Hits Driver

An unusual chain of events on a Colorado road left one woman seriously injured after she hit a fawn with her vehicle.

CBS4 reported that while driving on a highway near Colorado Springs, a woman hit a young deer with her car. The woman stopped and got out of her vehicle to check on the fawn she hit when she was suddenly struck by the young deer's mother.

A second driver pulled over in addition to the first driver, according to KKTV. As they were checking on the young deer, a third vehicle hit a full-grown deer, believed to be the fawn's mother, and sent it flying right into the original woman who hit the fawn.

The woman, who has not been identified by authorities, is currently recovering from her injuries.

Hitting a deer with a car often results in serious damage to the vehicle, but it can also result in injury or even death of the driver. There are over 1.5 million crashes involving deer each year across the United States, and 10,000 of the people involved end up injured while 150 of the deer collisions are fatal.

Authorities offer these safety tips about deer in the road to drivers:

  • Slow down and prepare to stop as soon as you see a deer. It is much safer to stop than to have to take evasive action.
  • When you see a deer, watch for additional ones. Deer are herd animals and frequently move in groups.
  • Deer are nocturnal and travel most at dawn and at dusk. Most deer-vehicle crashes occur between the hours of 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. Deer eyes may reflect in your headlights. Watch for them. For maximum safety, assume that deer will cross your path.
  • If you hit a deer, call 9-1-1. Law enforcement officers will assist with injuries and write a report to provide to your insurance company.
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