Driving Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Productivity

We need to understand how “knowledge’ is defined and captured in environments that involve people and machines. For example, if there are 200 man-years of experience in a process how is this captured and potential either extended or augmented to enable the human work to be more productivity, shared and enhanced. But also how is knowledge and its capture through industrial systems, computer servers, and the Internet of things used to codify different types of skills and knowledge that can be either used by humans and or robots? How is knowledge enabled for machines and exploited and empowered? How does robotics share this knowledge and importantly how do robots learn and reason and extend this knowledge that potentially goes beyond human perception and knowledge and possible superhuman performance? Importantly how do we construct environments and it's knowledge representations that I see converging augmented reality. Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, 3D printing and new forms of cyber threats and currencies mechanisms emerging?

Secondly, what are the mechanisms that we need to understand in business and social strategy to drive outcome productivity performance for companies, jobs, and GDP? How do we consider and measure these to drive these mechanisms to grow competitive advantage and exploit these new technologies? How do we deal with the counter-intuitive effect of increased productivity from automation and job destruction, job recreation and enhancement which increased overall productive output potentially? How is this done with equitability and benefits for society and peoples?

Thirdly what is the cost of entry and investment needs to make this happen? Often the entrepreneur’s failure is to understand monetization mechanisms and the scaling up and out to grow the zettascale infrastructures may be necessary to deal with these longer-term opportunities? How do we deal with infrastructure and standards / open or otherwise that need to be in place to foster the future we want for ourselves and our children and not the one we get handed or imposed?



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