Driving With Plato: The Meaning Of Life's Milestones Through The Eyes Of Philosophers (PHOTOS)

In grandiose or ill-advised moments, we might talk about the meaning of life. The trouble is that the question, like an elephant, is too big to swallow in one gulp. Breaking life down into milestones, from cradle to grave, helps us to think about it a little more cogently. What's more, if we can draw on a range of philosophers, writers, artists and psychologists in the process, we're in even better shape. That's the idea behind Driving with Plato. There's being born as seen through the eyes of Sartre, starting school with Louis Althusser, losing your virginity with Madonna, even having a midlife crisis with Dante, right up to crawling into old age with Proust. As for the afterlife, well, that's anybody's guess.