'Drone Boning' Is A Short Art-Porn Film Shot With Drones (NSFW)

Ever do it with a drone watching?

Here's a few NSFW instances where people knew they were being watched. In the masterfully titled "Drone Boning," several couples (and at least one threesome) are filmed having sex in nature by drones.

"We wanted to explore the whole idea of drone privacy and strikes -- this idea of 'make porn, not war,'" filmmaker Brandon LaGanke told Motherboard. "It started as a kind of funny commentary on privacy and voyeurism, but it quickly became a conceptual grounding."

Check out filmmakers Brandon LaGanke and John Carlucci on the HuffPost Weird News Podcast:

Although the film lacks the up-close (and, lets be honest, sometimes too-close) angles often associated with porn, for a movie shot in sweeping passes by airborne machines, it's strangely intimate.

But make no mistake, it's intimacy at a distance: a sexy game of "Where's Waldo" played with naked people against gorgeous scenic backdrops that pretty much qualify as earthporn.

Even if you could get up close, you probably won't recognize any familiar faces. The actors in the movie were volunteers who replied to an online ad to appear in it.



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