Drone Used To Sneak Contraband Into Georgia Prison

Drone Used To Sneak Contraband Into Georgia Prison

Amazon may be making the headlines for drone deliveries, but four suspects in Georgia are one step ahead of the online shopping giant.

The four were arrested in the city of Morgan last week after a corrections officer at Calhoun State Prison saw a remote-controlled helicopter soaring above the prison yard, NBC News reports. The suspects were allegedly trying to make a delivery to inmates.

An investigation led Calhoun County Sheriff's deputies to a black Dodge near the prison, where the drone, two pounds of rolled-up tobacco, cell phones and binoculars were allegedly found, according to the Associated Press. Deputies say the binoculars were used to monitor the drone as it made deliveries.

The suspects are accused of arranging with inmates to drop off the tobacco and cell phones. The six-rotor Spektrum DX-6i helicopter -- the geeks at geek.com call it a hexacopter -- was the vehicle.

The suspects, who weren't immediately named, were arrested and later released on bond.

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