Drone Crashes Into Crowd At Virginia's Running Of The Bulls (VIDEO)

There were lots of ways we imagined people could get hurt during the first Pamplona-style bull-running event held in the United States. Being hit in the head with an aerial drone was not one of them.

On Saturday, some 4,000 people turned out at the Virginia Motorsport Park -- a drag strip near Richmond -- to be chased by 24 1,000-pound animals for the inaugural Great Bull Run.

There were predictable injuries: Event organizer Rob Dickens told the Daily Press that one runner was nicked by a bull's hoof, another was sent to the hospital after running into a fence.

And there were some unpredictable ones, like those caused when a small drone capturing video of the event crashed into the stands.

The Washington Post was told by a Dinwiddie County sheriff’s office spokesperson that "four or five people" were injured by the spider-like device, which -- as you can see in the video below -- dips before making its sudden drop into the crowd of observers.

"Oh! It just hit a dude in the face!" a man can be heard saying on the video. "It was just falling in the sky ... Oh, my god. That was crazy. It hit him right in the face."

The Great Bull Run has a lengthy U.S. tour scheduled, with upcoming events in Atlanta, Houston, Orlando, Philadelphia, Chicago and other cities.

Runners describe the experience as "exhilarating." Animal rights activists describe the experience as "degrading and cruel." Law enforcement, reportedly looking for the crashed drone's provenance, said the Virginia installment went surprisingly smoothly, all things considered.

"We didn't know what to expect, really," Dinwiddie County Sheriff D.T. “Duck” Adams told The Huffington Post. "Overall it was fine. A few people were injured by the bulls, but nothing serious."



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