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Fight Back Against Drone Surveillance... With Fashion


The drones are coming to steal your privacy, but now there's a fashionable way to tell them to butt out. Join the Stealth Wear.

Stealth Wear, which was created by Adam Harvey, was designed to "protect the wearer from drone surveillance." While it seems like privacy has become a privilege, it can now also be quite fashionable --Harvey has designed a scarf and hoodie that are "anti-drone," limiting the thermal- imaging technology drones use to acquire information. Harvey spoke to Wired about what prompted him to create the collection of outerwear:

“Total surveillance is a term I first heard from Anders Sandberg during this presentation at a Tabula Rasa conference... He predicts that by 2050 a country can execute total surveillance on a population for .01% of their GDP.”

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While we're not quite sure when the drones will take over the skies, we do know that Stealth Wear will hit stores soon, although the clothing won't come cheap. We have a feeling that their fashion show won't be anything like Fendi's, where drones were used to record their autumn/winter 2014 collection in Milan.

But while this mix of drone and fashion may seem out of this world, smart accessories (which are a little less scary) may be the next big "thing." The Sesame Ring, NFC ring, the Shine and MEMI bracelet are the latest innovations that think for us, but they still can't block drones -- we'll have to stick to our trusty Stealth Wear scarf and hoodie for that.

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