Jet Ski Smacks Down Drone That Dared To Get In Its Way

The sky ain't big enough for the both of them.

A jet skier unintentionally took out an expensive drone last month while catching some serious air.

Video posted online shows the watercraft bouncing off a wave and soaring into the sky. But just as it was about to descend back to the water, it took out the DJI Inspire that was recording nearby.

The gadget, worth upwards of $2,500, was smashed into several pieces and plummeted into the sea. The unidentified jet skier was unharmed and his vehicle was not damaged.

Filmmaker Guy Mac recorded the collision at last month's Yamaha New Zealand Festival of Freeride on the North Island's Karioitahi Beach in Waiuku. He uploaded the footage on Tuesday, and it's gone viral.

It's not clear if he salvaged the drone, nor whether the footage from the gadget will be released. See the rest of Mac's highlights from the event here:

In January, another drone met its end in bizarre circumstances in New Zealand when deer hunters allegedly blasted it out of the sky over the Tararua Range.