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It Was Only A Matter Of Time Before Drones Made Art

Inspired by the 1977 film "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," production studio Fiction has created massive light paintings that look like an alien went wild with sparklers in the sky.

To capture the whirly neon light patterns (pictured below), Fiction took long-exposure photos of LED lights strapped to a DJI Phantom, a drone with aerial filming capabilities. The kaleidoscopic images were manipulated in photoshop to create mirror images of the patterns formed by the drone, adding an even more ethereal quality.

Big things are in store for Fiction's next light painting drone project. "I want to strap the world's brightest flash light to it next and see what happens. Maybe fly it through a forest like a UFO with a tractor beam," Chase Heavener, owner and founder of Fiction, wrote on the company's website.

Drone LED Art

Drone LED Art

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