Out-Of-Control Drone Crashes Through Office Window, Hits Man In Head

Warning: Strong language.

A rogue drone smashes through an office window and strikes a man on the head in dramatic video posted online.

Interface designer David Perel says he was left with a painful headache following the terrifying incident at his workplace in Cape Town, South Africa, on Thursday afternoon.

"Sitting at my desk and a drone came crashing through my window and smashed me in the head," Perel posted on Instagram. "Am nursing the headache now," he later added on Twitter.

Perel told ABC News that he initially thought a bomb had been detonated outside the building, adding he was "99 percent OK, I just have a bruise."

After realizing what had happened, he quickly removed the memory card from the drone's camera. He then edited the footage of the crash and posted it online. It's now going viral.

"While sitting at my desk I heard what sounded like a missile followed by a huge bang and glass all over me," he wrote in the YouTube video description. "Turns out someone lost control of their drone. Lucky to be uninjured!"

Soon after the incident, the people who were flying the drone arrived at Perel's office to check on him and retrieve their gadget.

"He seemed to be fine and unharmed, but a little shaken up," Eric Ngoie, one of the people in the group, told ABC News.

The South African Civil Aviation Authority is now investigating the incident, and will reportedly meet with Ngoie and the other drone operators on Monday.

Video of drone taking me out is now live. Link in my profile. #dronewars

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Clarification: An earlier version of this article stated that a GoPro camera was attached to the drone.

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