Here Are 6 Ways Drone Technology Is Improving The World And Serving Humanity

When people think of drones, often what come to mind are the military, the Middle East and espionage. The media largely focus on these applications, but drones and the mobile technology powering them are increasingly being used to solve intractable global problems: identifying poachers, sending supplies to sites of natural disasters, innovative video storytelling, and expanding Internet access to countries and populations lacking connectivity, for example. As their manufacturing costs drop and capabilities increase, drones are becoming a more practical and effective technology for helping people.

In partnership with Qualcomm, we’ve created a visual guide to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), exploring their designs and uses, to show the incredible ways mobile technology is improving the lives of millions of people -- and animals -- every day.

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Qualcomm believes that we must challenge what we see today, so we can invent the technologies that will shape our tomorrow. To learn more about our Why Wait campaign, click here.

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