These Aerial Wedding Photos Are A Little Taste Of Heaven On Earth

Take your love to new heights.
05/18/2016 06:15pm ET

On your wedding day, it can feel as though you and your spouse are the only two people in the world.

Wedding photographer Helene Havard has mastered the art of turning that feeling into a picture-perfect reality.

Helene Havard/Caters News
Havard uses a drone to capture couples against their vast, beautiful surroundings.

The Tahiti-based photographer uses a drone to capture couples on and around their wedding days with the breathtaking landscape of French Polynesia surrounding them.

Helene Havard/Caters News
The photographer likes to incorporate the couples she shoots into their surroundings "to illustrate how they appear to be in their own romantic world together."
Helene Havard/Caters News
"My passion goes beyond recording a moment but to create memories that translate feelings and emotions," Havard writes on her website.

Havard told The Huffington Post she loves natural, wide space. So shooting couples in this landscape "incorporates my couples in what I like the most," she said.

Helene Havard/Caters News
Just crystal clear waters and one very-in-love couple. 

In order to get the breathtaking shots, Havard directs the couple into the pose she wants and then sends up a DJI phantom 3 drone to take the pics. Juxtaposing the pair against the vast, picturesque landscape gives the illusion that no one else exists in that moment.

"I like them to feel as if they were alone in the world for this very special day," she said.

Helene Havard/Caters News
Who needs a honeymoon when your wedding day is this beautiful?

And it's not just the couple that gets the aerial treatment. Bridal parties are also photographed by drone against the remarkable backdrop.

Helene Havard/Caters News
A wedding party poses for Havard's drone.

Havard works with videographer Flying World Pictures to capture drone video of the weddings she shoots as well. Check that out below:

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