Drop What You're Doing and Watch Robin Williams on Inside the Actors Studio Now

Whatever you're doing right now (unless it's having a baby, flying an airplane, or performing open heart surgery), drop it and watch Robin Williams' appearance on Inside the Actors Studio from 2001.

You may never laugh as hard or as long in your life. It's human genius operating at warp speed.

It's been 13 years since I first saw the show and parts are still seared in my brain: Robin improvising multiple characters using an audience member's scarf; Robin reenacting the modern dances of Martha Graham, Twyla Tharpe and Bob Fosse; and Robin's answer to what is always interviewer James Lipton's last question: "If Heaven exists, what would you like God to say when you arrive at the pearly gates?" Answer: "If Heaven exists, to know there's laughter. God goes, 'Two Jews walk into a bar...'"

If Heaven exists, I wouldn't want to believe in a God that wouldn't admit Robin Williams. And if he's in Heaven, surely there's laughter in Heaven.

Bravo replayed an abbreviated version of the show last night. But for some reason they edited the nearly two-hour episode down to a TV hour (i.e. about 52 minutes plus commercials), omitting key parts.

You can still see the entire episode on You Tube. Click below to watch it now (or come back when you've finished having that baby, flying that plane, or performing that surgery).