Drops Fill Buckets: Party With Jon Bernthal For Charity

Party With Jon Bernthal For Charity

"Education is all about exposure," says Jon Bernthal of AMC's "The Walking Dead." "It was my English teachers growing up who were the ones who could break into my thick head and teach me that a great story could change the way we look at the world," he continues. Now, he wants to help pay that forward.

Jon and his brother Nick, a Doctor at UCLA, formed Drops Fill Buckets (DFB) -- a non-profit dedicated to funding philanthropy -- through an entrepreneurial approach to making a difference.

DFB Los Angeles is currently spearheading a goal of $10,000 for VISPA, an orphanage in one of the poorest regions of Kenya. Funding will provide the microscopes, equipment, and netbook computers that VISPA's science teachers need to help their students build a better and more productive life.

Bernthal believes "if they can find work, they break the cycle of disease and poverty."

This Saturday, DFP cordially invites guests to party for a cause at Club Icon in Downtown LA. Proceeds will benefit the VISPA fund. The party "is going to raise the money to build the lab for them," Bernthal says.

For more information and ticket sales, please refer to the Drops Fill Buckets website.

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