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Dror Moreh, 'Gatekeepers' Director: Jewish Population In America Cherishes Israel Too Much (VIDEO)


Dror Moreh, the Israeli director of the Oscar-nominated documentary "The Gatekeepers" told HuffPost Live Monday that American Jews cherish the idea of Israel too much.

Moreh's film, which was nominated for a Best Documentary Feature Oscar, features surprisingly candid interviews with six retired directors of Israel's domestic spy agency, the Shin Bet, and offers a sobering look into the targeted killings behind Israel's occupation of Palestinian territories. It has sparked a collective soul-searching for many both in Israel and the United States.

"There is something that I felt while I am here in America, that most of the majority of the Jewish population here are cherishing Israel," Moreh told HuffPost Live host Ahmed Shihab-Eldin, adding that American Jews look to Israel as a post-Holocaust "safe haven." Moreh argues that this had led the American Jewish population to the "wrong conclusion...that they have to support Israel no matter what."

Moreh said this point of view is actually "damaging the state of Israel."

"They don't understand that we are going towards an apartheid country," Moreh added. "By not criticizing it, by accepting everything Israel does politically and especially towards the conflict, they are damaging their own goal, to protect the state of Israel as a safe haven for them."

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Watch the full segment below:

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