Drudge Report's Shocking N-Word Quentin Tarantino Splash (PHOTO)

PHOTO: Drudge's Shocking Splash

The Drudge Report put a startling splash up on Wednesday morning.

There must not have been anything in the worlds of politics, finance or global affairs to interest Matt Drudge enough, because he made Quentin Tarantino the focus of his ire. Tarantino's new movie, "Django Unchained," is set to open in theaters soon. Set just before the Civil War, it contains characters using the N-word.

Apparently that got Drudge all hot and bothered -- though in a very strange way:


The splash linked to, of all things, a review in The Hollywood Reporter which mentions the n-word twice, never spelling it out as much as Drudge.

Was Drudge saying that he was appalled that Tarantino would use the word? Or trying to make some vague point about hypocrisy? Or merely being cheap and incendiary? We'd never speculate.

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