Undercover California Drug Sting Goes Seriously Sideways

The botched operation by Riverside County sheriff's deputies resulted in more drugs on the streets, not less.

Police in California sold methamphetamine to a suspected drug trafficker, who then made off with the haul.

Undercover deputies from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department last week met with a suspect who wanted to buy some 60 pounds of the narcotic.

“After the transaction, the suspect drove away,” the sheriff’s office admitted in a statement posted on its website.

Attempts to stop the suspect’s vehicle were futile.

Deputies gave chase but they lost sight “due to the high speeds and suspect’s disregard for public safety,” per the statement.

It’s unclear how much meth was actually sold to the suspect, or exactly where in the county the botched operation occurred.

Police say that “no further details will be released at this time.”

The suspect remains at large.

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