Drug User Admits Stealing From Family, Friends To Support His $100K Habit: ‘I Use My Intelligence To Manipulate People’

Tyler says he’s spent “about $100,000” on drugs over the past 10 years, and when it comes to finding money to support his habit, the 29-year-old says he preys on the people around him.

“I use my intelligence to manipulate people,” Tyler says on Friday’s Dr. Phil. “It’s scary because I’m so good at it. It’s become second nature.”

When it comes to finding people to manipulate, Tyler says the easiest targets are those closest to him, especially his parents.

“I use the people that love me the most because I know I can get what I need out of them,” he explains. “My mom and dad were easy to manipulate.”

When he can’t get money out of his parents, Tyler -- who says he’s been homeless and sleeping in his truck for the past two months -- admits he’s stolen from his loved ones.

“Anything that’s worth money,” he says when Dr. Phil asks what he steals from people. “Once my money runs out, I start pawning everything that I own and then after that, then it’s whatever I can get my hands on.”

His mother, Brenda, says she’s bailed Tyler out of jail 13 times, even taking her son out to his favorite meal of sushi and ice cream the last time she picked him up.

And each time she bails him out, Tyler admits he knows it’s coming.

“I don’t expect it, but I hope for it,” Tyler says. “She helps me out whenever she can. Whenever I need something, she helps me out.”

Watch the video above, as Dr. Phil asks Tyler if he has any remorse about stealing from his loved ones. This episode of Dr. Phil airs Friday.

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