Drunk American Passenger Threatened To Stab British Airways Staff

08/23/2011 08:53am ET | Updated October 24, 2011

An American businessman was charged with assault and being drunk on an aircraft after threatening to stab the staff on his British Airways flight.

Tim Bradley, 32, was on a flight from Phoenix to London Saturday, during which passengers reported seeing him drink several glasses of wine and beer. He became aggressive when the cabin crew cut him off.

Wielding a shard of glass, the mortgage consultant was “ready to attack the crew,” reports The Telegraph.

“Why have I f****** been picked? I’ll stab the pilots if you want,” he yelled, as passenger Lesley Lewis told The Sun.

Bradley also reportedly spat at cabin crew.

He was arrested shortly after landing and appeared in a London court Monday. Bradley will re-appear in court for sentencing September 23.

According to British Airways,"We do not tolerate abusive behavior towards our staff or customers."

In late July, an American Airlines pilot was beaten by two drunk brothers in Miami.

Photo: markcbrennan/Flickr