'Drunk' Businessman Walks Down Up Escalator In London Underground (VIDEO)

We've all been there: a late night at the office, then straight to the bar to drown the sorrows, briefcase and all. The "drunk businessman" in this video, however, takes things to a new level -- or rather, doesn't, given his intoxicated inability to traverse the proper escalator.

The alcohol-induced incident, allegedly recorded Nov. 9, took place in London's Tottenham Court Road tube station, according to The Telegraph.

“At first I thought he was playing silly buggers," Sam Napper, the recording author, told The Sun, "but when we saw his dogged stagger and realized he was alone, I knew we were about to witness something truly brilliant."

Brilliant or belligerent? Hard to say. But the moving-sidewalk stumbler carried on for several minutes, according to The Sun, before a good samaritan helped him out.

"Eventually, we let the poor sod out of his hamster wheel-like hell and pushed the emergency stop button," Napper said. "After pausing for a few seconds, he turned around and walked out, as if nothing ever happened, saying nothing, leaving us stunned."

No word yet on the boozy businessman's identity.



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