Drunk Chris Pratt Gives Totally Useless, Totally Hilarious Acting Advice

Drunk Chris Pratt Gives Totally Useless Acting Advice

Go home, Chris Pratt. You’re drunk.

In this YouTube video, produced by GQ, the 35-year-old “Jurassic World” star offers some terrible acting advice while chugging a bottle of Fireball whisky.

“We’re at the end of a GQ photoshoot and we’re supposed to do an acting DVD, acting video kind of bit for YouTube,” the actor says to the camera. “Truth is, it’s hot as hell and I’m drunk.”

Pratt’s acting lessons include scenarios like, "How to act when you see a T-Rex at a Jamba Juice” and “How to act when you get pulled over and you have weed in your glove compartment.”

Here he is demonstrating "How to act when you see a snake":


The advice is entirely dreadful, but Pratt is anything but.

Watch the video above.

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